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Sexy 3D Female Feet!
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BEN and a Redead by jayemeraldover9000x BEN and a Redead :iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 39 8
Legend of the Emerald Sword Part 10
The five warriors walked deep into the Temple and saw the door to the throne room. They rushed to the door, but Ruby got in their way. "I won't let you get through. Agony ordered me to kill you," Ruby said to the five warriors. "Emily, I will get you out of the darkness," Emerarudo said while he raised his sword. Ruby cast a fireball at Emerarudo, but he dodged it. She kept firing her fireballs at him, but he dodged it as he was thinking of a solution to rescue Emily.
Voletta was thinking of a plan. Voletta jumped out and used her special type vectors, which can rip a soul out of the body, to separate Emily from her darker self. Leon caught Emily as she was about to wake up. "Where am I?" Emily asked. "You're at the Temple of Despair, 2000 years into the past," Leon said. Emily looked at Leon and said to him, "Who are you?" "Leon," he said. Ruby got back up and said to Emily, "You almost killed Princess Saria. There is no way that she will ever forgive you." Emily was ready to fight Ru
:iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 4 0
Legend of the Emerald Sword Part 9
Their quest was almost over as they sailed to the Water Temple. The five warriors spotted the Temple and went inside. They rushed through the Temple and made it into the last room. The door was hidden within the waterfall, and was sealed by Gharnef. "You must be Dominique," Gharnef said as he came out of a dark portal. Dominique pulled out Falchion and said to him, "Who are you, and how do you know my name?" Gharnef laughed and answered her question, "I am Gharnef." Falchion remembered him and said to Dominique, "This must be the guy who betrayed your father!" "How do you know?" She asked. "I used to be your father's main weapon before you were born," it answered. Dominique turned to Gharnef and said, "Why did you betray my father?!" "I betrayed your father because I was jealous of him and his kingdom," Gharnef replied as he pulled out his book of spells and shot Dominique with black magic. She dodged the attack and slashed Gharnef, but he cast a barrier and blocked her attack. "Fight
:iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 2 0
Santa BEN by jayemeraldover9000x Santa BEN :iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 108 55
Legend of the Emerald Sword Part 8
While the five warriors traveled across the ocean, Dominique asked Ace, "Ace, do you really love me?" "A noble knight never lies," Ace answered as she hugged him tightly. Strong winds blew the ship to the Wind Temple. The five warriors got off the ship and went inside the Temple. They fought their way into the Temple and made it to the last room. Leon walked up to the Orb, but Kazuharu came out of the shadows and said, "I've been waiting for you, Leon." "Kazuharu, what are you doing here?" Leon asked. "You know this man?" Emerarudo asked Leon. Leon turned to the Emerald Knight and said, "Yes. He is my twin brother. He is a thief like me, but steals gold from the innocent." Kazuharu and Leon pulled out their daggers and they were close to their neck.
The sun was in the solar eclipse phase and Kazuharu said to Leon, "You do know what happens to me when there is a solar eclipse!" Kazuharu said to his brother. Leon attacked him, but Kazuharu dodged swiftly. "Every solar eclipse, I become f
:iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 2 0
Legend of the Emerald Sword part 7
  As the five warriors left the Fire Temple, they traveled across the ocean to search for the next Temple. They found the Earth Temple and Ace felt a disturbance. "Someone is in that Temple," Ace said as he was ready to charge into the Temple. They made it inside, and tried to find out who was inside. The five warriors made it to the final room, but Vaati came out of the dark portal and said to Ace, "It's been a while, Ace." "Vaati, you will pay for what you did twenty years ago!" Ace shouted. Dominique, filled with anger, tried to strike Vaati, but he used his staff of darkness to counter her attack. "Those who dare to strike me shall die," Vaati said as he shot a dark fireball at her.
Ace jumped in front of her and used his sword to defend her. "Why are you defending me?" she asked Ace. "Because I love you," Ace answered as Dominique blushed hard. "Step aside, so I can kill the swordswoman," Vaati demanded. Ace turned to Vaati and said, "No, this fight is between you and me
:iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 2 0
Legend of the Emerald Sword Part 6
As the five warriors of light sailed across the ocean, Ace was still thinking about his past, and was depressed. "What's wrong, Ace?" Dominique asked. Ace looked at her and answered, "I was thinking about my terrible past." "What happened?" she asked Ace with a frown. "Twenty years ago, my mother, father, and I were going to have a picnic at the grasslands, until my father saw a dark wizard named Vaati. My mother was killed by Vaati's dark magic. My father, filled with rage, pulled out his sword and fought the dark wizard, but Vaati was too strong for him and killed my father with his staff of darkness. I grabbed my father's sword and was ready to strike Vaati, but he kicked me and said to me, 'You're weak. You don't have enough power to beat me.' I made a vow to kill Vaati for what he did to my family." "Poor thing. He will pay for what he did to your family," Dominique said. Ace looked at Dominique and said, "I'll put an end to his crimes."
Voletta looked up and saw a Temple. "Guys,
:iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 2 0
BEN'S Trollface by jayemeraldover9000x BEN'S Trollface :iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 43 12
Legend of the Emerald Sword part 5
The princess and the five warriors returned to the castle safely. "Thank you for saving my daughter," the King said to the five warriors. As Saria looked outside the castle's window, she noticed that the vegetation was decaying. It showed that Agony was flooding the world with darkness. She warned the King about what she saw outside and the King thought to himself, "I knew this time would come." He turned to the warriors and said to them, "I want you five to go cross the bridge to get to the town of Safaia and find a ship. After you find a ship, obtain the Orb of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air." "Where can we find those Orbs, your highness?" Emerarudo asked. "Each Orb is located in four temples across the seas," the King answered. "We will do our best to get the Orbs," said Emerarudo as they left the castle.
As they crossed the bridge, the five warriors crossed the grasslands to get to Safaia. As they arrived, they only saw one ship, and a pirate captain owned it. The warriors approached
:iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 2 0
Mature content
Legend of the Emerald Sword part 4 :iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 2 0
Legend of the Emerald Sword part 3
The next day was a big event for the kingdom of Hoseki and everyone went to the arena for the tournament. Warriors from different kingdoms arrived to prove their strength and spirit. "The first round will be between Ace and Dominique," Saria announced to the crowd. Both Ace and Dominique stepped into the arena as the crowd cheered. "Don't hold back on me, Ace," Dominique said as she pulled out Falchion.  Ace pulled out his sword and said to her, "Same to you." "Begin!" Saria shouted as they both clashed their swords.
Both warriors fought valiantly until Ace lost his focus on striking Dominique and let his guard down. Dominique struck Ace without hesitation and Ace was defeated. "The winner is Dominique!" Saria announced as the crowd cheered on Dominique. "You were a worthy opponent, Dominique," Ace said while he tried to stand up. She helped him out and said, "Thank you. You were good, too."
As the tournament continued, Emerarudo, Dominique, Marco, and a knight from the east
:iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 2 0
Legend of the Emerald Sword part 2
Emerarudo went to the castle's courtyard and a young woman named Emily looked at him. "He's dreamy," she thought to herself. Emerarudo saw Emily from a mile away. "Who are you?" He asked Emily. "I am Emily. Princess Saria's mage," she explained to Emerarudo. "I am Emerarudo," he said. He told Emily about the mission that the princess had given him and asked, "Do you know where the princess is?" Emily showed him a gate and said, "She is in the castle's garden." "Thank you," Emerarudo replied to the mage and went through the gate.
The garden was full of red roses and Emerarudo saw Princess Saria watering the roses. "Princess Saria," he said to the princess. She turned around and saw the Emerald Knight and said, "Is that you Emeraudo?" Emerarudo smiled and said, "Yes. It's me." "Did you slay the dragon?" she asked. "The fake dragon is slain," the emerald knight replied. The princess smiled and said, "Then I declare you as captain of the knights." Emerarudo smiled and hugged Princess Saria
:iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 2 0
Legend of the Emerald Sword part 1
2000 years ago, a dark figure named "Agony" flooded the world with darkness. Six warriors of light approached the figure to prevent him from controlling the world. 2000 years later, a blacksmith named Emerarudo met the princess of the kingdom of Hoseki: Saria.
"Emerarudo…"Saria said. "Is something wrong princess?" He asked. "I have a quest for you," she said. Emerarudo was confused, and asked the princess, "Why do you have a quest for me?" "The commander of the knights, Marco, refused to accept this mission," she explained. Emerarudo accepted the mission and asked her about the mission. "The mission is to find the Emerald Dragon and vanquish the fake dragon." Emerarudo took his sword out of the armory and left the blacksmith shop. "Oh! I almost forgot to give this to you," Saria said, handing him an emerald necklace. "Thank you," He said politely and left the village to begin his journey.
Emerarudo began searching for the Emerald Dragon throughout the green valleys until he felt a
:iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 3 1
Weegee by jayemeraldover9000x Weegee :iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 10 0 The Masked Man by jayemeraldover9000x The Masked Man :iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 6 7 Earthbound Zero by jayemeraldover9000x Earthbound Zero :iconjayemeraldover9000x:jayemeraldover9000x 4 0



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The Three Stooges
From left to right:
Moe Howard, Curly Howard, and Larry Fine.
The most hilarious comedy trio ever seen in my whole entire life!
Wilshire Boulevard Temple
It is located at Wilshire Blvd. In Los Angeles Mid-Koreatown District.


Nelson L. C.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a 6'2" man who was born in Torrance, California, United States, but lives in Los Angeles. I'm a great cartoon artist, a drawer, a canvas painter, sometimes a musician (who loves music), a great video gamer (of all video games), a huge foot fetish fan, and wanna know why? Because if I officially have a foot fetish, it's because I love female feet, toes, and soles (the best part and/or shape of the body), and a huge fan of everything (Nintendo, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Namco, Pac-Man, Ridge Racer, Tekken, Capcom, Street Fighter, Sega, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc.), etc


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